ACedIt Python Package
Download and test against sample test cases from any competitive programming website

pip install ACedIt

ACedIt Project Description

A command line tool to run your code against sample test cases. Without leaving the terminal :)

Supported sites

  • Codeforces
  • Codechef
  • Spoj
  • Hackerrank

Supported languages

  • C
  • C++
  • Python
  • Java
  • Ruby
  • Haskell


Build from source

  • git clone
  • cd ACedIt
  • python install

As a Python package

pip install --user ACedIt 


usage: acedit [-h] [-s {codeforces,codechef,hackerrank,spoj}] [-c CONTEST]           [-p PROBLEM] [-f] [--run SOURCE_FILE]           [--set-default-site {codeforces,codechef,hackerrank,spoj}]           [--set-default-contest DEFAULT_CONTEST]  optional arguments:   -h, --help            show this help message and exit   -s {codeforces,codechef,hackerrank,spoj}, --site {codeforces,codechef,hackerrank,spoj}                         The competitive programming platform, e.g. codeforces,                         codechef etc   -c CONTEST, --contest CONTEST                         The name of the contest, e.g. JUNE17, LTIME49, COOK83                         etc   -p PROBLEM, --problem PROBLEM                         The problem code, e.g. OAK, PRMQ etc   -f, --force           Force download the test cases, even if they are cached   --run SOURCE_FILE     Name of source file to be run   --set-default-site {codeforces,codechef,hackerrank,spoj}                         Name of default site to be used when -s flag is not                         specified   --set-default-contest DEFAULT_CONTEST                         Name of default contest to be used when -c flag is not                         specified   --clear-cache         Clear cached test cases for a given site. Takes                         default site if -s flag is omitted 

During installation, the default site is set to codeforces. You can change it anytime using the above mentioned flags.


  • Fetch test cases for a single problem

    acedit -s codechef -c AUG17 -p CHEFFA 
  • Fetch test cases for all problems in a contest

    acedit -s codechef -c AUG17 
  • Force download test cases, even when they are cached

    acedit -s codeforces -c 86 -p D -f 
  • Test your code (when default-site and default-contest is set and filename is same as problem_code)

    acedit --run D.cpp 
    acedit --run 

    Since your filename is same as problem code, there’s no need for the -p flag.

  • Test your code (specifying contest and problem codes explicitly)

    acedit --run solve.cpp -c 835 -p D 
    acedit --run -s codechef -c AUG17 -p CHEFFA 

Note :

  • The working directory structure mentioned in the previous versions is no longer required and supported.
  • There might be some issues with Spoj, as they have widely varying DOM trees for different problems. Feel free to contribute on this. Or anything else that you can come up with :)

ACedIt Python Package Download

ACedIt 1.1.1 Download:


Package File Type: Source Python Version: None Date released: Oct 24, 2017

ACedIt Other Python Versions

ACedIt 1.1.0 Aug 21, 2017
ACedIt 1.0.5 Aug 20, 2017
ACedIt 1.0.4 Aug 16, 2017
ACedIt 1.0.3 Aug 16, 2017
ACedIt 1.0.2 Aug 16, 2017
ACedIt 1.0.1 Aug 16, 2017
ACedIt 1.0.0 Aug 15, 2017

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