Agate-lookup Python Package
agate-lookup adds remote lookup tables to agate.

pip install agate-lookup

agate-lookup Project Description

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agate-lookup adds one-line access to lookup tables to agate.

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Agate-lookup Python Package Download

agate-lookup 0.3.1 Download:


Package File Type: Wheel Python Version: 3.5 Date released: Dec 19, 2016
agate-lookup 0.3.1 Download:


Package File Type: Source Python Version: None Date released: Dec 19, 2016

Agate-lookup Other Python Versions

agate-lookup 0.3.0 Dec 19, 2016
agate-lookup 0.2.1 Mar 9, 2016
agate-lookup 0.2.0 Mar 8, 2016
agate-lookup 0.1.1 Feb 29, 2016
agate-lookup 0.1.0 Feb 29, 2016

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