Alarmdecoder Python Package
Python interface for the AlarmDecoder (AD2) family of alarm devices which includes the AD2USB, AD2SERIAL and AD2PI.

pip install alarmdecoder

alarmdecoder Project Description


This Python library aims to provide a consistent interface for the AlarmDecoder product line. (AD2USB, AD2SERIAL and AD2PI). This also includes devices that have been exposed via ser2sock, which supports encryption via SSL/TLS.


AlarmDecoder can be installed through pip:

pip install alarmdecoder 

or from source:

python install 
  • Note: python-setuptools is required for installation.





API documentation can be found at readthedocs.


A basic example is included below. Please see the examples directory for more.:

import time from alarmdecoder import AlarmDecoder from alarmdecoder.devices import SerialDevice  def main():     """     Example application that prints messages from the panel to the terminal.     """     try:         # Retrieve the first USB device         device = AlarmDecoder(SerialDevice(interface='/dev/ttyUSB0'))          # Set up an event handler and open the device         device.on_message += handle_message         with             while True:                 time.sleep(1)      except Exception as ex:         print ('Exception:', ex)  def handle_message(sender, message):     """     Handles message events from the AlarmDecoder.     """     print sender, message.raw  if __name__ == '__main__':     main() 

Alarmdecoder Python Package Download

alarmdecoder 1.13.4 Download:


Package File Type: Source Python Version: None Date released: Jun 1, 2018

Alarmdecoder Other Python Versions

alarmdecoder 1.13.2 Jan 1, 2018
alarmdecoder 0.12.3 Apr 20, 2017
alarmdecoder 0.12.2 Apr 14, 2017
alarmdecoder Feb 1, 2017
alarmdecoder 0.10.3 Apr 11, 2016
alarmdecoder 0.10.2 Mar 7, 2016
alarmdecoder 0.10.1 Feb 23, 2016
alarmdecoder 0.10.0 Sep 22, 2015
alarmdecoder 0.9.3 Mar 23, 2015
alarmdecoder 0.9.1 Jul 8, 2014
alarmdecoder 0.9 May 15, 2014
alarmdecoder 0.8 May 7, 2014
alarmdecoder 0.7 Apr 30, 2014
alarmdecoder 0.6 Jan 13, 2014
alarmdecoder 0.5 Dec 21, 2013

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