Animemon Python Package
Everything about your anime within the command line.

pip install animemon

animemon Project Description

A Python Application that displays all the information about all your anime in the command line. An anime ripoff of [@iCHAIT](ís `moviemon <>`__


Using pip

$ pip install animemon 

Get the latest build from the Source

$ git clone $ cd animemon $ python install 


animemon [ --auth=user:pass ] PATH animemon [ -m | -n | -g | -y | -r | -M | -N ] animemon -h | --help animemon --version 


Display basic info about all your anime

$ animemon 

Display all movies sorted according to their MyAnimeList ratings

$ animemon -m 

Index your anime collection with MAL Ratings

$ animemon ~/anime --auth=viceversa:password123 


-h, --help            Show this screen. --version             Show version. PATH                  Path to anime dir. to index/reindex all anime. --auth=user:pass      Your MyAnimeList username (eg. --auth=coolguy123:password12) -m, --mal             Sort acc. to MyAnimeList rating.(dec) -n, --humming         Sort acc. to Hummingbird rating.(dec) -g, --genre           Show anime name with its genre. -y, --year            Show anime name with its release date. -r, --runtime         Show anime name with its runtime. -M, --mal-rev         Sort acc. to MyAnimeList rating.(inc) -N, --humming-rev     Sort acc. to Hummingbird rating.(inc) 

Animemon Python Package Download

animemon 0.1.1 Download:


Package File Type: Source Python Version: None Date released: Mar 16, 2016

Animemon Other Python Versions

animemon 0.1 Mar 16, 2016

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