Artist Python Package
A plotting library for Python with LaTeX output

pip install artist

artist Project Description

In short

Artist is a 2D plotting library for Python. It’s main focus is the output. Artist creates a LaTeX file which can be included in your paper or thesis. The code needs TikZ and PGFPlots to compile and your plots will tightly integrate with your main text. Artist provides an easy-to-use and clean Python interface and can compile your plot on-the-fly as a stand-alone PDF file.

For instance the cosmic-ray flux spectrum:

See the documentation for tutorials.


Artist enables you to visualize the results of your data analysis. The quality of your plots should reflect the quality of your analysis. With most software, this is hardly possible and the term ‘publication quality’ takes on an entirely new meaning. As a result, many papers and theses suffer from inconsistent and generally poor-quality plots.

Fortunately, some solutions are available. For LaTeX users, one can use PGF/TikZ for generating figures and plots. This ensures a very consistent display throughout your document. PGFPLOTS builds on that to provide a user-friendly interface for many kinds of plots and to allow extensive customization.

For many users, however, it is more convenient to use a programmatic interface from your favorite programming language. For Python, such an interface is available in Artist.

Artist can be used in place of other plotting libraries, but the output is a LaTeX file requiring PGF/TikZ and PGFPLOTS. Previewing the output is possible by means of a simple method which renders the plot as a PDF.

The style of the plots is based on the work of William S. Cleveland.

Developer notes: releasing a new version

If you’re ready to release a new version, make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Update the version numbers in both the and the doc/ files

  2. Tag a release version using git, or directly on GitHub

  3. Update the documentation by compiling, committing it to the gh-pages branch and pushing it to GitHub:

    $ make gh-pages $ git push origin gh-pages 
  4. Push a new version to the Python Package Index (PyPI):

    $ python sdist upload 

    (make sure to have a valid .pypirc file)


Artist Python Package Download

artist 0.18.2 Download:


Package File Type: Source Python Version: None Date released: Nov 11, 2017

Artist Other Python Versions

artist 0.18.1 Nov 11, 2017
artist 0.17.0 Apr 25, 2016
artist 0.16.1 Apr 29, 2015
artist 0.16.0 Apr 26, 2015
artist 0.15.0 Apr 22, 2015
artist 0.14.1 Mar 9, 2015
artist 0.13.0 Jan 13, 2015
artist 0.12.0 Jul 14, 2014
artist 0.11.0 Jul 6, 2014

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