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Faster Python bindings for Assimp.

pip install AssimpCy

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Faster (than PyAssimp) Python bindings for Assimp, Cython-based, BSD3 license.

It uses the same naming as the original library, so examples from the official docs can be used directly (minus C sintaxis).

Example usage:

from assimpcy import aiImportFile, aiPostProcessSteps as pp flags = pp.aiProcess_JoinIdenticalVertices | pp.aiProcess_Triangulate scene = aiImportFile('mymodel.3ds', flags) print('Vertex {} = {}'.format(v, scene.mMeshes[0].mVertices[0])) 

Matrices, quaternions and vectors are returned as Numpy arrays.

It has been tested with: * Python 2.7 * Python 3.4 +


  • Assimp >= 3.1.1
  • Numpy >= 1.9.2


The easiest way is:

pip install assimpcy 

If that does not work for you, please check Installation for instructions.


  • Cameras
  • Lights
  • Export functionality

Those might be added in the future.


Read The Docs

And what about the name? Well, cyassimp was already taken :smirk:.

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AssimpCy 1.1.1 Download:


Package File Type: Source Python Version: None Date released: Feb 4, 2018

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AssimpCy 1.0.0 Jan 21, 2018

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