Pytelemetrycli Python Package
command-line interface for data visualization and communication with embedded devices

pip install pytelemetrycli

pytelemetrycli Project Description

Pytelemetry Command Line Interface

This module is a powerful command line interface for extremely fast debugging and communication with embedded systems.

It allows for plotting embedded device’s data on-the-fly, publishing values on any topics, listing serial ports and much more.

The CLI relies on custom protocol, implemented in Python and C languages. The main strength of this protocol is strong decoupling between communicating devices, simplicity yet flexibility.

For instance, the protocol supports sending standard linear data, but also arrays and sparse arrays in a network-friendly manner.


This module is the Python implementation of the communication protocol.

It can be used directly (without the CLI) to script communications with an embedded device.

from pytelemetry import Pytelemetry from pytelemetry.transports.serialtransport import SerialTransport import time  transport = SerialTransport() tlm = Pytelemetry(transport) transport.connect({port:'com9',baudrate:'9600'})  # publish once on topic 'throttle' (a named communication channel) tlm.publish('throttle',0.8,'float32')  def printer(topic, data, opts):     print(topic," : ", data)  # Subscribe a `printer` function called on every frame with topic 'feedback'. tlm.subscribe("feedback", printer)  # Update during 3 seconds timeout = time.time() + 3 while True:     tlm.update()     if time.time() > timeout:         break  # disconnect transport.disconnect() print("Done.") 

Language C implementation

Telemetry is the same protocol implemented in C language.

Centralized documentation

The documentation for all three projects is centralized here.

MIT License, (C) 2015-2016 Rémi Bèges (

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Package File Type: Wheel Python Version: py3 Date released: Mar 23, 2016

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pytelemetrycli 1.0.7 Mar 16, 2016
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pytelemetrycli 1.0.0 Feb 9, 2016

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